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Leverage your infrastructure for object storage

The s3gw project is a lightweight, open source S3 service for small deployments, and easy to deploy in a cloud native environment such as Kubernetes.

Great For


Why Use s3gw

S3 Semantics

S3 compatible semantics and APIs for on-premise object storage.


Easy to deploy and manage, with a light container footprint and Helm charts to get started.

Just needs some storage

May it be a Kubernetes PVC or a local File System, s3gw consumes any storage and exposes it as S3 for applications.


Easy to manage and administrate via graphical user interface.

How it Works

S3GW relies on any File System to store data and metadata for objects.

This File System can be provided either by a local disk, or, in a Kubernetes environment, any Persistent Volume.

Check our Documentation for more information!

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Get Started

# Helm chart
helm repo add s3gw
helm install s3gw s3gw/s3gw --namespace s3gw-system --create-namespace \
--set publicDomain=YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME \
--set ui.publicDomain=YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME

# Docker
docker pull
docker pull
docker run -p 7480:7480
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e S3GW_SERVICE_URL="http://<IPADDR>:7480"

# Podman
podman run --replace --name=s3gw -it -p 7480:7480
podman run --replace --name=s3gw-ui -it -p 8080:8080 -e S3GW_SERVICE_URL="http://<IPADDR>:7480"

Helm is the preferred deployment method, and will automatically use your cluster's default storage class for the backing store. The above assumes cert-manager and traefik are available, but these and other settings can be overridden via values.yaml.

Docker and Podman deployments will use ephemeral storage inside the container by default, so should only be used for testing on a local system.

In all the above cases, the default Access Key and Secret Key are set to "test". Please see our documentation for more details on how to configure s3gw.

The same credentials can be used to access the UI to manage your buckets and objects. The UI also offers the possibility to manage additional users and credentials.